HireSuite – a la Carte Services

  HireSuite - a la Carte Services

HireSuite has created the most unique combination of outsourced recruiting services – choose only as much or as little as you need to support your in-house human resources staff. Services are offered in monthly “blocks,” and can be combined in any fashion that suits your human resources needs.

Sorting and screening of applicants – Electronic sorting, matching and qualification screening of applications responding to your job posting.

Qualifying and validating of candidates including reference checking.

Create candidate questionnaire for initial response – development of an initial response questionnaire to more fully develop key skill and experience responsiveness for applications responding to your job posting.

Job Posting Editing: Posting Responsiveness Management (PRM) entailing editing and optimization of posting to ensure maximum quality candidate response – ongoing monitoring of response to your job post, and “tweaking” of key words and phrases to ensure maximum search results and applicant response to your job posting.

Posting, screening, qualifying and validating – includes all services outlined in points one through four above.

Search of existing database of passive candidates, harvest responsive candidates and report – Electronic search of existing 4,000 plus member database containing candidates, sorting, and matching of passive candidates.

Search of existing premium database of passive candidates (Monster, HotJobs, and CareerBuilder).

To see only pre-screened, verified, qualified candidates without a traditional contingent fee, please see “Full Service Sourcing.”

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