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Acute Care / [Healthcare, Medical, Hospital] Recruitment Management


Recruiting à la Carte by HireSuite


“HireSuite” and “Recruiting a La carte”® Are registered trademarks of HireSuite LLC



HireSuite, LLC or “HireSuite” was established in 2000 as a full service Recruitment Process Outsourcing RPO Firm.  Services provided are centered on our process mapping, strategic modeling, and engineering.


Targeting not only direct cost but client satisfaction and enhanced selection and service delivery to the organizations internal clients.


In 2002, HireSuite began breaking out our services from the requisition to retention base model to enable delivery of more targeted Recruiting a la carte® solution enabling clients to build in or augment their most cost intensive or process heavy recruitment functions.


After the implementation of a configurable “A la Carte Recruitment Solution”, HireSuite statement of services were presented as follows:

HireSuite has created the most unique combination of outsourced recruiting services – choose only as much or as little as you need to support your in-house human resources staff. Services are offered in monthly “blocks,” and can be combined in any fashion that suits your human resources needs.

  • Sorting and screening of applicants – Electronic sorting, matching and qualification screening of applications responding to your job posting.
  • Qualifying and validating of candidates including reference checking.
  • Create candidate questionnaire for initial response – development of an initial response questionnaire to more fully develop key skill and experience responsiveness for applications responding to your job posting.
  • Job Posting Editing: Posting Responsiveness Management (PRM) entailing editing and optimization of posting to ensure maximum quality candidate response – ongoing monitoring of response to your job post, and “tweaking” of key words and phrases to ensure maximum search results and applicant response to your job posting.
  • Posting, screening, qualifying and validating – includes all services outlined in points one through four above.
  • Search of existing database of passive candidates, harvest responsive candidates and report – Electronic search of existing 4,000 plus member database containing candidates, sorting, and matching of passive candidates.
  • Search of existing premium database of passive candidates (Including Social Media, LinkedIn, Facebook, as well as event attendee’s organization members and followers of related topics, pages and Interests).

To see only pre-screened, verified, qualified candidates without a traditional contingent fee, please see “Full Service Sourcing”.


HireSuite WaterMark


In 2012, HireSuite acquired the eighteen year old sister company Intelli-Source Executive Search (which aside from general executive market experience had extensive market strength in both the Healthcare and Energy Sectors).  This acquisition allowed the ability to integrate branding advertising and marketing cost and eliminate our own common redundancies.


For those seeking Healthcare Professionals we offer HireSuite Medical Search Group:


HireSuite Medical Search Group provides a full service retained recruitment solution across the field of medicine.  Whether your requirement is for Clinic and Private Practice Doctors, Specialist Practitioners, Surgeons and especially for Hospitalist Physicians who specialize in hospital medicine to provide hospitalist house coverage staffing for hospitals, healthcare facilities, medical centers and clinics.


Advantages of working with the HireSuite Medical Search Group includes unique one on one consultative assistance enabling you to have a clear perspective of your goals geography compensation as well as a very real and clear snapshot of your market as it is today in real time. We understand the issues and obstacles which sometime inhibit even the best laid career transition strategies from on call, paid malpractice, flexible scheduling and competitive compensation and incentive plans.

The benefit of selecting us as your Healthcare Executive Recruiting resource is clear.  We are Healthcare industry experts. We are able to consistently outperform other retained Healthcare Executive Search firms.  Our practice is limited to search assignments within the Healthcare industry at the C-Level, including EVP, SVP, VP, Physicians, Mid-Level Practitioners and other Master’s prepared position levels.  We are proud to have a long track record of success working with a wide variety of Healthcare clients and candidates throughout the United States.

Our success is the result of our passionate commitment to a rigorous, in-depth search process and consistently high quality executive search outcomes. This focus on quality provides a clear benefit to each and every client as it drives the effectiveness and longevity of each newly hired executive.

Our Clients are vast throughout the greater United States. Our clients are always in need of excellent hospital based physicians employed and partnership opportunities and schedules for doctors to practice as much or little as they choose.

If you are a hiring organization or a recognized search firm seeking a strong market savvy partner who places integrity before “the deal” HireSuite Medical Search Group welcomes the opportunity to speak with you and your team.  We can provide you a select audience of some of the industry’s best passive medical professionals who count on our team to screen and continually introduce them to the most promising positions available today that match their objectives and criteria.


For more information regarding our unique recruitment solutions, please contact one of our qualified healthcare recruitment specialists.


HireSuite Health and Medical Services Search Group is a retained Healthcare Executive Search firm owned and operated by a group of highly experienced Executive Search Professional and Corporate advisors serving the Healthcare industry.



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