HireSuite – Contract Services

HireSuite – Contract Services

Organize, support, and outsource your human resource operation without long-term commitments

Our hourly contract services can be ordered as needed to support your human resource efforts.

We offer:

  • Full background check, education and resume validation ­ full validation of credentials and employability.
  • Existing candidate resume scanning and conversion into private database ­ convert your existing paper resume files into your private, searchable candidate database.
  • Telephone interviews ­ telephone interviews and electronic reports of candidates you have chosen.
  • Interviewing scheduling and coordination ­ interview time and place coordination with your hiring managers and department heads; your hiring managers are notified of incoming resumes by calendar entry.
  • Pre-employment drug screening.
  • Full Service Sourcing with Deferred Risk

HireSuite.com offers full service active job seeker mining for your open positions at a flat fee rate. HireSuite will provide you with a number of qualified, screened, verified applications for your interview schedule. No hire guarantee is made, and no retention guarantee is made ­ you only pay for presentation of qualified candidates. The cost of this service is usually 15% to 30% of the total cost of a retained or contingent, full service search. This is not a search for qualified passive candidates, full service recruiting is available through HireSuite’s Executive Search Services Group .


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